Basement Renovation Ideas


Basement Renovation Ideas

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Basement renovations adding value to your home. Furnishing your basement can double your living size, particularly if your basement is full sized. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the added living space, but not sure where to start, Contracting Ontario listed some Basement renovation ideas below to help you get started:

The Game Room

If many people in your home enjoy playing games, a game room may be the best way to go. A game room could consist of a few different areas, depending on the amount of space you have to work with. If there is an interest in console gaming in your home, you could have an area with comfortable seating, a television, and a console with some extra controllers. Additionally, you could have an area with an air hockey table or pool table for the adults to benefit and you could even add a board game shelf/closet with a table nearby.

Since this area will more than likely be used for entertaining guests, a small kitchenette or mini fridge could definitely come in handy. Your guests will appreciate not having to walk through your house just to grab a drink and the gamers will enjoy not having to take too long of a break.

Home Theater

Admit it, we’ve all been jealous of someone with a home theater at some point. Now it can be yours! Basement home theaters are great for the entire family and perfect for entertaining. With an unfinished basement, you have the opportunity to start from the bottom, and that means the ability to soundproof the room, run cables through the ceiling for a ceiling-mounted projector, and even gives you the opportunity to raise some of your flooring. Raising flooring allows you to have multiple rows of seating, just like the cinema does.

Home Office

If you run your own business or are looking to start a business, this could be an opportunity to incorporate some office space into your home. You’ll want your daily work area to have the most amount of daylight possible, but you have the option of adding separate meeting rooms, storage areas, or even a waiting room depending on the type of business you are running.

Home Gym

Admit it, you don’t always go as often as you say you will. How much more likely would you be to go if there were no membership fees, and it was in your basement? While the startup cost may be a bit higher than your monthly membership to the local gym, overtime you’ll definitely save. You could purchase an all-in-one machine for your weights, add in a treadmill or elliptical for cardio, and then add in a few yoga mats, free weights, and a punching bag. To help motivate you, you can add a TV and a mini fridge full of water bottles.

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