Projects You Shouldn’t DIY


Projects You Shouldn’t DIY

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Do-it-yourself projects have their perks: you’ll be able to save on labour, you get to purchase your own materials, you’re working on your own schedule, and best of all you get to say you did it yourself! While you may save financially in the beginning, there are some projects that truly you shouldn’t do yourself. You may not realize the risk associated with the project, and may actually end up having to spend more if something goes wrong. Here are some examples of projects you shouldn’t do yourself:

Roof Work

While roof work can be costly, it is always worth getting a professional. Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, and you’ll want your roof work done properly to avoid any structural damage to your home. On top of making sure it is done correctly to avoid excessive damage, your roof is the highest elevation of your home. Without the proper tools and training, there is a huge safety risk associated with completing roof work on your own.

Electrical work

While plugging in your new TV is easy, rewiring a light switch is a completely different ball game. Aside from the fact that rewiring is not easy, it also comes with risks. A faulty wiring job could be deadly if done incorrectly and should always be left to a professional.

Structural Changes

Many people are looking at structural changes these days, whether to expand a bedroom, or to create an open-concept living space where they didn’t have one before. Knocking out a wall or two may seem like an easy task that can be a DIY project, but you may be in for a surprise. The walls you are looking to remove may contain gas pipes, electrical wiring, or plumbing and you may end up worse off than you started. If you are looking to complete structural changes, play it safe and call a contractor.


You may be a pro at unclogging your toilet, but that doesn’t mean you should try your luck at tampering with pipes. Without the proper knowledge and training, tampering with the plumbing in your home could lead to a burst or a flood. Plumbing work should be left to a professional, not only to prevent damage to your home but also to prevent unnecessary stress from having to clean up your mess.

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