Moving Cheap: 4 Tips


Moving Cheap: 4 Tips

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Get Free Supplies

While boxes and moving supplies may seem like inexpensive items on a large total, they can rack up your total moving bill pretty quickly, especially if you have plenty of belongings to pack. You can cut down on this expense by visiting your local department store and using some of their recycled boxes. Most large department stores have regularly scheduled shipments and depending on their internal policies, they may be able to let you know the best time to come and ask for a larger amount. Additionally, while packing more fragile items, you can use old newspapers or flyers as padding material.

Get a Quote

Set aside some spare time and get several quotes from several different moving companies. Since the goal here is to move cheap, you’re looking for comparisons. You’ll want to make sure that the company you choose really works for your type of move and gives you a clear explanation of their services. Things you’ll want to keep in mind are the distance you are traveling, how many items you are moving, and what the moving conditions will be. You’ll want to be very transparent with the moving company while getting your quote so there aren’t any surprises for either of you when it’s time to move or pay the bill.

Call in Favours

Reach out to some friends and family and call in some favours you’ve earned over the years. Someone with a large truck or an SUV could help move some boxes for you or even tow a trailer if they have a trailer hitch. If you are moving a fair distance away, a favour may consist of dropping you off at the airport or going to get your mail for a few weeks.

Take the Necessities

Moving is a great time to de-clutter, and the most common time to get rid of old stuff you no longer need. Getting rid of clothes you haven’t worn in years, or a coffee table that has seen better days means you’ll have less to pack and less to move. You should try to get a good idea of what you’re taking early on so that you know exactly how much you’ll need to move.

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