Home Safety Tips


Home Safety Tips

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Dryer Maintenance
After every load of laundry, clean your dryer lint trap. This is a very simple 2-minute task that has multiple benefits. If your lint trap is full, it causes your dryer to work harder and use more energy, and on top of that it’s a huge fire hazard. The exhaust vent on your machine should also be cleaned but this one only needs to be done annually. If you aren’t in the habit of cleaning the lint trap yet, put a sticky note near the start button reminding you to check the lint trap before every load!

Prepare for a Power Outage
A power outage can happen for a number of different reasons. Whether work is being completed on the power lines in your area, or a major storm has hit, you should always be prepared. Keep flashlights handy with extra batteries nearby, and make sure you have a first aid kit available. A battery operated radio with a clock can definitely come in handy, especially if the power is out for an extended period of time. Some hardware stores carry lights that plug into outlets, and once they detect that you have lost power, turn on immediately to help you initially navigate to your supplies.

Smoke &Carbon Monoxide Detectors
You can never have enough smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, so buy plenty! You should have at least one of these on each floor of the house, and extras can never hurt. Set a reminder in your calendar to replace the batteries once a year, but don’t ignore the chirping if they need to be changed sooner.

If you have small children living in or visiting your home, spend some time childproofing to make your home the safest it can be for the children. You should have a safety gate at the top and bottom of any staircase, all hazardous materials, medications, and sharp knives should be locked up and out of children’s reach. If the children are living in your house, it is worth taking the extra step to install padding to furniture with sharp edges. Once children start moving, it’s hard to keep up, and you’ll want to feel comfortable rather than constantly worried. Electrical outlets should have plugs in them, and cabinets should be equipped with child locks.

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