Keeping Your House Safe While You’re On Vacation


Keeping Your House Safe While You’re On Vacation

By admin September 17, 2020 0

Put away the Spare Keys

This one seems like a no-brainer, but in the heat of the moment, it’s easy to be forgotten. Many people keep their spare keys in common spots, and crooks know exactly where to look for them. The spare keys are best left with a friend or relative while you’re away.

Stop Your Mail

An overflowing mailbox can be a clear sign that nobody has been home for a while, so if you have a mailbox that is visible to the public you may want to have your held while you’re away. This can normally be done at your local post office and you can pick up everything you missed upon your return.

Avoid Social Media

With social media being so popular, most people are posting a countdown to their vacation, a picture of them about to board a plane, or even a status update about how they will miss everyone while they’re away. While these posts may seem harmless, this is letting potential burglars know the exact time you will be away and will help them see your home as a perfect target. Consider updating your privacy settings to avoid your posts being visible to strangers. If you are still concerned, consider not posting anything until you’ve returned.

Unplug everything

Unplug as many electrical devices as you can, including toasters and kettles. This benefits you by reducing the risk of a fire hazard, and by keeping your electrical bill down while you’re away.

Have A Friend/Relative Stop By

Ask a trustworthy friend or relative to keep an eye on your home while you are away. Whether this means watering the plants, or just going in and making any potential burglars know that there is some sort of activity going on in the house – either way you can feel comfortable knowing your home is safe and you’ll know if anything is wrong.

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