What To Ask Your Contractor


What To Ask Your Contractor

By admin September 17, 2020 0

Once you hire a contractor, you’ll want to ask the right questions before the project gets started. Failing to ask questions could lead to surprises later on, and because the beginning of a project is exciting, sometimes we forget what questions to ask. Below I’ve listed a few of the most important questions to ask your contractor.


Before agreeing to hire a contractor for a project, find out how long it will take. Although the timeline may change if you change your mind on a few details, or if damage is discovered in an area where it wasn’t expected, you’ll want to know what the timeline might look like without surprises. You want to make sure the work isn’t rushed, so if the timeline seems too quick, you’re probably right. On the flip side though, you wouldn’t want a timeline that seems extensively long because it means your project might not be getting much attention.

What is your guarantee/warranty
Your contractor should have some type of guarantee or warranty for their work, and this question shouldn’t throw them off. They shouldn’t have to think about their answer and it should be something they stand behind. You’ll want to make sure that you know what to expect in case something goes wrong the moment your contractor leaves or even while the work is getting done. It’s a good idea to be clear about who’s going to be out of pocket if things go wrong so that you’re well prepared.

What is the payment schedule?
A reputable contractor shouldn’t ask you for full payment upfront, and you shouldn’t need to pay for the full project upfront. You should however, be aware of the full payment that you will owe, and when it will be due. Your contractor might ask for a payment by a specific date, or after a specific part of the project is complete. Make sure you are comfortable with the payment plan to avoid any miscommunication later on.


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