Creating the Perfect Home Gym


Creating the Perfect Home Gym

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Flooring is important in your home gym for both your own comfort, and to help protect your property and make your gym equipment last longer. Proper flooring will also help limit the amount of noise coming from your home gym if that’s a concern for you. Commercial grade foam flooring is a great option that comes in interlocking squares. It is very affordable, long lasting, and installation is extremely easy!


Everybody is motivated by something different, but you should feel motivated the moment you walk into your gym. Motivation might mean mirrors surrounding the gym, photos on the wall, or even a TV mounted in front of your cardio equipment. Whatever motivates you the most, make sure you don’t leave it out.


Equipment is where a home gym begins to get expensive, so make sure you do some research. Some people may benefit from an all-in-one machine, and some may not. If you are working with a tight budget, or even a tight space, you’ll want to make sure that you focus on what you’ll truly be using. You wouldn’t want something taking up the majority of your space and budget if it will rarely get used. On the contrary, you wouldn’t want to have no space left or finances left to purchase the equipment you truly enjoy using. While there are endless possibilities when it comes to equipment, here are a few examples of equipment that you may be interested in:

Barbell & Plate Set
Power Rack
Punching Bag
Spin Bike
Pull Up Bar
Cardio Equipment


Make sure everything is convenient. If you enjoy listening to music, make your sound system easily accessible. If you drink lots of water during your workouts, add a mini-fridge or a water cooler so you don’t have to leave the gym to fill up. Remember, the best part of a home gym is convenience, so the goal is to make it as convenient as possible and make it perfect for you!


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